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3rd Birthday: The Truth Behind Overdive

Find out what Aya Brea is really doing when she mind jumps into the battle field.


"Overdive" was one of the first gameplay and story elements that Square Enix announced for The 3rd Birthday. But it turns out that they've been keeping the true nature of the ability a secret until now. This week's Jump revealed the truth, and it is quite a twist.

As previously detailed, Overdive is the name of the skill main character Aya Brea uses to jump between soldiers on the battle field. This fits into both the game's story and gamepaly components. On the gameplay side, players have to strategically position troops and jump between them in order to take on the powerful Twisted creatures. On the story side, Aya actually never leaves CTI headquarters during combat. She just brain jacks troops already on the battle field.

Here's what's really going on with Overdive, as revealed in Jump this week. The skill gives Aya the ability to jump back in time. The battle fields she's jumping into actually take place in the past.

Jump doesn't go into specifics beyond this. We'll presumably have to wait until next week for the details.

Aya does an Overdive move on the battlefield in this sequences of screenshots.

The magazine also introduces a couple of major gameplay and story components this week.

Aya's young twin sister Eve will appear in the game. During a mission, Aya will be reunited with Eve, who's supposed to have been missing.

The "Eve" character is a central figure in past Parasite Eve games. You can read more about her and all Parasite Eve characters here.

Earlier this week, The 3rd Birthday promotional staff Tweeted that a new "costume" feature would be shown in Jump. The magazine does indeed have a look at the game's costume feature, but all it says is that players can change Aya's costume.

The bigger story is the costume they show Aya changing into: Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning!

As with the time warping feature, we're going to have to wait for non-Jump coverage for specifics on this system. Jump sees release this weekend, so expect the details to come next week, possibly at the Tokyo Game Show.

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