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Xbox 360 Media Briefing 2010 Live Blog

Microsoft gathers the press to detail its year end domestic lineup. Read here for a live blog of the proceedings.

The Xbox Special Forces Division. What have they been up to lately?

Microsoft has gathered the press at the Ebisu Garden Place hall in central Tokyo for its Xbox 360 Media Briefing 2010 press conference. The company will be detailing its upcoming plans for the domestic market.

Most of the details have already leaked out via the usual sources. If you want a preview of what will likely be announced at the event see this story

The press conference kicks of at 14:00. Check back for live updates.

While waiting for updates to start, check out this summary of last year's briefing.

For those wanting even more Microsoft news, possibly with a more global scope, be sure and check back here next week. On the 16th, Microsoft's Takashi Sensui and Phil Spencer will kick off the Tokyo Game Show with a keynote address.

CORRECTION: In one of our live blog posts, we mistakenly reported that the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII will include deleted scenes and a post-game quest. This is incorrect. The deleted scenes and post-game story are being included in the form of a first run bonus booklet. For further details, see this story.

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15:22 -- The press conference is over, so we're closing off the live blog. Thanks for reading! Check back around the site shortly for further coverage.

15:18 -- Over and out, onto the demos.

15:18 -- See you all at Tokyo Game Show! says Sensui.

15:17 -- TGS is next week. Sensui will be doing a keynote that day and will make new announcements he cannot talk about today.

15:17 -- We will be able to play today's Kinect games after the press conference.

15:17 -- Sensui shares Kinect details:

15:16 -- We get it Sensui. You want everyone in the family to enjoy it. (He must've said that 20 times already.)

15:11 -- Sensui is announcing the pricing for the various Kinect bundles. See down below for specifics.

15:09 -- It's resumed.

15:08 -- Heh, the video stream paused.

15:06 -- Sensui will now demonstrate using Zune video on the 360. Compatible with Kinect.

15:05 -- Partners include Bandai Channel, Universal, Paramount, NBC, etc.

15:05 -- Movie downloads.

15:04 -- Zune and XBL for downloads in Japan from this fall.

15:04 -- Now they're talking about Zune.

15:04 -- MS hopes that Kinect is something the whole family can enjoy whether you watch it or play it.

15:04 -- More mini-game pics. Check out the Pac-Man themed game!

15:01 -- (Anoop hijack: Alex says the character is actually Pac-Man.)

15:01 -- Last game shown is PacMan inspired. Guide Pacman with one hand to the fruit in the other hand.

14:59 -- Another game: form a pose with your arms or legs, copying the people on the screen.

14:59 -- Kinect demonstration:

14:58 -- Another game has you kick a soccer ball with the right mathematical answer into the goal.

14:57 -- Another game has you manipulate a ramp up or down so a car goes into the right colored lane.

14:57 -- One game has you pop balloons with numbers from largest to smallest or vice versa under a time limit.

14:56 -- Timing is key, so the concept is similar to the DS games.

14:56 -- Pics of Kinect brain training:

14:54 -- A lady is now demonstrating the game.

14:54 -- We use our bodies to make the right choices that require using our heads to make.

14:53 -- The game is about training your brain through body exercises. They got input from Dr. Kawashima (of Nintendo's Brain Age fame).

14:52 -- While Nashimoto tells us about Kinect brain training, check out these pics of the press conference's Kinect section:

14:50 -- Bandai Namco's Yasuhiro Nishimoto is on stage to talk about the brain training game.

14:49 -- Sensui says this game is what a lot of Japanese fans have been waiting for.

14:49 -- Trailer time... for the brain training game mentioned below.

14:49 -- One more Kinect game to show.

14:48 -- Kinect dates: Sonic, Kinect Sports, Crossboard Z, and Dance Evolution are launching opposite the hardware on 11/20. Kinect Fitness and Kinect Animals are 12/9. Deca Sporta Freedom is 12/16. Kinect Joyride is 2011.

14:44 -- Now talking about Kinect. We know the details already.

14:42 -- In the end, the kid comes in 4th and Sensui in 8th.

14:41 -- The kid is in 5th place, Sensui in 6th.

14:39 -- Oh man... this Sonic demonstration is funny.

14:39 -- Incidentally, the below slide promisees a 12/16 release at ¥4,980. The "Ultimate Hits" series is the name for Square Enix's budget line.

The slide says the game takes up 3 DVDs, has English voices, and includes subtitling for Japan, North America and Europe. The theme song is My Hands from Leona Lewis.

14:38 -- Sensui and the kid are playing the Sonic game.

14:37 -- A Japanese boy is on stage... Skittles Ver. 2.0!

14:36 -- Now they're moving on to Kinect, starting with a trailer.

14:36 -- Final Fantasy XIII gets its formal announcement from Kitase:

14:35 -- There will also be a commercial for the game. It hits the airwaves today!

14:35 -- It also seems that they're adding scenes that were cut from the original. There will be a post game quest of some form. It's called "Final Fantasy XIII Episode i"

UPDATE 17:17 -- The above post was incorrect. The cut event scenes and the after story are part of the bonus booklet. Further details here.

14:33 -- Kitase says they're adding Easy Mode and a book called Corridor of Memory.

14:32 -- FFXIII producer Yoshinori Kitase is now on stage.

14:32 -- Here's a Call of Duty slide promising first access to download content for Xbox 360 users through 2012.

14:30 -- ... It was FFXIII, btw.

14:29 -- And now the last game Hashimoto is going to reveal. WHAT COULD IT BE?!?!?!?!?!?!

14:29 -- (Anoop's Live Blog Hijack:

More of Microsoft's Kinect plans have leaked out just in advance of Sensui's announcement.

The Kinect Sensor, which comes with Kinect Adventure, will sell for ¥14,800.

A pack with Kinect Sensor and Xbox 360 250GB will go for ¥39,800

A pack with Kinect Sensor and the upcoming 4GB Xbox 360 will go for ¥29,800.

The launch lineup includes: Kinect Sports, Crossboard 7, Dance Evolution, Sonic Free Riders, and a brain training game from Dr. Kawashima!

The brain game, "Shidou Karada de Kitaeru Atarashii Nou-tore," (roughly "Lead: New Brain Training Where You Answer With your Body") is from Namco Bandai and will be priced towards the higher end of the Kinect games, ¥6,279. It has the "Supervised by Professor Ryuta Kawashima of Tohoku University" in the name -- just like in Nintendo's Brain Age games).

Now back to your regularly scheduled live blog.)

14:28 -- Now they're showing a Black Ops trailer.

14:26 -- He's recapping the Call of Duty Black Ops plans -- the game is getting separate subbed and dubbed versions, in case you haven't heard.

14:26 -- Now Hashimoto is talking about the "Square Enix Extreme Edges" brand. Publishes western games like Deus Ex, etc. You'll find a bit about this on the site if you do a search.

14:24 -- Front Mission Evolved... yadda yadda yadda.

14:24 -- Now Hashimoto is talking about Mind Jack.

14:22 -- They're showing a trailer for it.

14:22 -- ... Gun Loco.

14:20 -- Square Enix's Shinji Hashimoto takes the stage. What could it be!?

14:18 -- Ah hah! Our first Famitsu leak! Mass Effect 2 is coming this winter.

14:18 -- See, they really are recapping all these previously announced games:

14:17 -- Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Virtual On Force, Idolmaster 2... La la la la la.

14:15 -- Vanquish on 10/21. Fable III on 10/28. ... La la la. Get to Final Fantasy XIII, Mr. Sensui!

14:15 -- He's recapping some previously announced games, like Monster Hunter Frontier Season 9.0 (just an updated version of the current MHF, but it will have a new retail package) and Dead Rising 2.

14:12 -- There's Sensui!

14:12 -- They're now showing a trailer for Halo Reach.

14:10 -- They have around 100 new games coming through spring, Sensui says.

14:10 -- Sensui has taken the stage. He's reviewing the recent hardware SKUs.

14:09 -- They will be showing new online services, the new hardware lineup and Kinect.

14:09 -- They're making some pre-start announcements now, letting us know what they'll be announcing (even though we already know, based off the Famitsu leaks).

14:07 -- While you're waiting for the event to start, check out this story about Hideo Kojima's hilarious Twitter adventure today.

14:06 -- Looks like Microsoft will be showing off Kinect today:

13:58 -- A few pics. The conference is about to start!

13:51 -- I'll have a seat soon and begin taking photos.

13:44 -- And they're serving mini cheeseburgers!

13:44 -- I'm in!

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