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The Big Hideo Kojima Twitter Controversy

A Tokyo Game Show tease? Alas, no.


A mysterious post from Hideo Kojima at his Twitter earlier today.

Wrote Kojima along with this pic: "It's raining, so I'll have lunch inside Midtown." (Tokyo Midtown is the location of Konami's headquarters.)

Is this supposed to be some sort of tease for next week's Tokyo Game Show?

Unfortunately, no. Kojima had actually wanted to upload a picture of his lunch, something he does quite often (too often, some would say).

Quickly following the post, follower JinJin0613 alerted Kojima to the girl's pic, saying "Isn't the link a bit strange?"

Kojima replied to JinJin0613: "Oh wow, really! In the thumbnail, my lunch appears. But open it and it's a girl! Do you know who it is?"

In a later Tweet, Kojima joked "Is it terrorism? Or a virus?"

Worried that a child be viewing the Twitter feed, Kojima deleted the Tweet. However, he left the photo on Yfrog, as he wants the folks at Yfrog to be able to investigate what went wrong.

Of course, the big question is what did Hideo Kojima really have for lunch today? After the fuss over the pic had ended, he posted this shot, assuring his followers that it wasn't another girl:

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