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New Last Story Characters Revealed

Meet Jackal and Manamia, your magic wielders.

Two of these characters get their reveal below.

Outside of a couple of Iwata Asks columns, Nintendo has been pretty quiet with regards to The Last Story of late. But if the latest issue of Jump is to be trusted (and we do trust the Jump folks!) we can look forward to an official site update soon.

This week's Jump has a look at two new party members. Both are newcomer mercenaries in your mercenary group. And, different from past party members, both are magic users.

Here's a look at the two characters:

"The intelligent, flirtatious mage." Jackal is a mage who has the ability to control ice. While he behaves in a flirtatious and easy-going manner, he's actually a thinker and cares for his allies. In battle, he's an all rounder who can use both magic and swords.
"The user of recovery magic who loves the forest." Manamia is capable of using recovery magic. She has a mysterious air about her. There appears to be a secret surrounding her birth.
Jackal is second from the left. Manamia is in the back, with the blue hair.

If you've been keeping with the few bits of media we've seen for The Last Story, you'll recognize these two characters as they have appeared in your party in screenshots. It's good that we finally know who they are. Let's hope Nintendo adds them two the game's official site soon so we can get a proper look.

Jackal and Manamia have appeared in past battle screens. You can't see Manamia, though.

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