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Xbox 360 Special Forces Think FFXIII Deal is a Dream

Microsoft's corporate spokespersons don't believe today's big news.


Final Fantasy XIII is coming to the Japanese Xbox 360. Is this the handy work of Microsoft's chief Japanese Xboxer Takashi Sensui?

Possibly. But Sensui may have had some help this time. Following today's Xbox 360 Media Briefing press conference, where the Japanese release was formally announced, Microsoft released its latest Xbox 360 Special Forces spot:

Morito, Izawa and San Roku Maru (the guy with the X for the head) say that they've managed to "sign the contract." But then they start to feel that it's all a dream (that's why they're throwing water on Izawa).

A visit to Square Enix's FFXIII official site should convince you that it's very, very real.

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