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Namco Bandai Unveils Kinect Brain Training Game

Professor Kawashima goes hands free for upcoming launch title. Get your first look through the new PV.


Professor Ryuta Kawashima is going HD for hits next title. And he's doing away with the stylus too.

The neuroscientist who became a video game celebrity due to his contributing role in Nintendo's multi million selling Brain Age games has most recently leant his talents to Namco Bandai for an all new Kinect brain training game.

Unveiled today at Microsoft's Xbox 360 Media Briefing 2010 press conference, Karada de Kotareu Atarashii Nou-tore, or "Respond With your Body: New Brain Training," is a new type of brain training game where you train your brain through the use of your body.

Similar to other brain training games, the program determines your brain's age as you solve problems in such areas as math, judgment and memory. This time, the problems, playable by between 1 and 4 players, are solved through body motions.

A few sample problems, shown at Microsoft's press event today. Check out the Pac-Man themed game to the right.

One problem gives you a digital time readout, and asks you to form an analogue version of the time with your arms. Another game has you form roads with your arms, guiding cars down different paths. Another game requires that you touch balloons in the order of the number that's inscribed on the balloon face.

You'll recognize some of the problems from past brain training games. One math-based problem shows you two sums and asks you to point to the larger total.

Get your first look at Kinect brain training here:

Kawashima's role on the game is, as one might expect, supervisor. As detailed in the trailer, he worked with the development staff starting back with problem creation.

Karada de Kotareu Atarashii Nou-tore is a launch title for Kinect. The game will be available on November 20, priced ¥6,279.

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