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Microsoft Shares Japanese Release Plans for Kinect

Hands-free gaming device arriving on November 20 with six launch titles.


Microsoft announced today final Japanese release plans for its hands-free gaming peripheral Kinect.

The device and its initial software library will be available here on November 20, shortly after North America's November 4 release.

The base package for the peripheral is called "Kinect Sensor." Priced ¥14,800, this includes the Kinect device and a copy of Kinect Adventure!

Microsoft will also make available two hardware bundles. The ¥29,800 Xbox 360 4GB + Kinect pack includes, as the name suggests, the Kinect Sensor package and an Xbox 360 4GB unit. The ¥39,800 Xbox 360 250GB + Kinect Special Edition pack includes the Kinect Sensor unit and a 250 gigabyte Xbox 360. The Special Pack will be limited to a single production run.

Including Kinect Adventure, six titles will be available on launch day:

  • Crossboard 7 (Konami): ¥5,980
  • DanceEvolution (Konami): ¥5,980
  • Sonic Riders (Sega): ¥6,090
  • Karada de Kotaeru Atarashii Nou Tore (Namco Bandai): ¥6,279
  • Kinect Sports (Microsoft): ¥5,880
  • Kinect Adventure! (Microsoft): Bundled with Sensor
Packaging for Kinect Adventure, Kinect Sports and Kinect Animals.

Of these, Atarashii Nou Tore was previously unannounced. Further details on this Namco Bandai brain training game can be found here.

Future titles include:

  • 12/9 - Kinect Animals (Microsoft, ¥6,930)
  • 12/9 - Your Shape Fitness Evolved (Ubisoft, ¥5,980)
  • 12/16 - Deca Sporta Freedom (Hudson, 6,090)
  • 2011 - Kinect Joy Ride (Microsoft, ¥5,880)
Kinect Adventure
Kinect Sports
Kinect Joyride
Kinect Animals

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