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Criminal Girls: First Look at the New Girls

Plus, a closer look at the punishment system through some screens that you probably shouldn't show to mom.


As detailed in this week's Flying Get column, Dengeki PlayStation delivered a huge followup report on Criminal Girls this week, sharing details on the remaining four girls. The magazine's online counterpart has since posted some of the screens, showing off the girls and the newly revealed gameplay bits.

The four newly revealed girls are (pulled straight from the Flying Get article):

Voice: Mari Hagai, Sin: Wrath. The girl with the cloak and short hair. She's violent, particularly with men. She'll frequently punch you.
Voice: Azumi Asakura, Sin: Sloth. The "lolita with pink hair" (the one with the broom, I presume). She's Sako's younger twin sister. While she's serious and behaved, her sister does everything for her so she doesn't do anything for herself.
Voice: Yuko Takayama, Sin: Indulgence. Yuko's older twin sister. She's the girl with the star in her hair to the upper right of Yuko in the main artwork (shown below). She's short tempered and will even be reckless when it comes to Yuko.
Voice: Mayumi Yoshida, Sin: Pride. The girl with the green hair. She was given special education as a gifted child. Her overly rational views result in resentment from others.

The magazine shared a few bits surrounding the game's combat system. It looks like the girls actually suggest attacks to you rather than you giving out commands as you please. In the screens shared at the Dengeki PS site, each girl seems to be giving a suggestion:

Shin at top says that she'll heal everyone. Ran, at the bottom, says she and another will attack.

A bit more troublesome is glossy-breasted Tomoe, who won't do anything. That's where the punishment system comes into play. You'll need to punish the girls to make them listen to your commands in battle. Get the girls in line, and they'll suggest additional skills and will even team up for twosomes and maybe even foursomes.

The punishment system is still somewhat of a mystery. There's a special "punishment room," which is said to be quite cute in its design. In the below screenshot, which depicts the punishment selection menu, Kisaragi asks what you plan on doing. You can select spanking and another form of punishment. These cost OP (Oshioki Points -- Oshioki is Japanese for punish).

This isn't said in the article, but it looks like the punishments can make Kisaragi learn new skills. In the above short, she's listed as "learning" a level 2 sword skill.

As for the actual punishment part of the punishment component, Nippon Ichi is still sharing mosaic images. The mosaics will be removed from the final version. You can picture for yourself what this scene will look like on your PSP, without the blur and with the voice actors making strange sounds.

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