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Capcom Formally Announces Ace Attorney Investigations 2

Miles Edgeworth returns, just in time for a playable debut at the Tokyo Game Show next week.


Capcom made formal announcement today of Gyakuten Kenji 2. The sequel to the game that was released over seas as Ace Attorney Investigations is in development for the DS for release at an unspecified time.

The game was given an official site today with some preliminary details.

According to the details at the site, Reiji Mitsurugi, Mikumo Ichojou and Keisuke Itonokogiri, will all be making appearances in the sequel. Overseas players will recognize these characters as, respectively, Miles Edgeworth, Kay Faraday and Dick Gumshoe.

The story kicks off this time at Gourd Lake, a location which you'll recognize from the main Ace Attorney series. A stage has been set up on the lake, apparently in anticipation of a speech. Before the stage are spectator seats. Television cameras are in standby.

What type of crime took place in this environment? Capcom doesn't say, so we're going to have to wait for a followup for further details!

The system section of the site mentions a few gameplay systems that should be familiar from the original:

Investigate the crime scene with the cooperation of your partner. A sequence at the site shows Miles and Dick investigating the Gourd Lake crime scene.
Logic Mode returns for the sequel. Using this mode, you combine information that you gained during your investigations.
After collecting information during the investigation part, you might end up engaging in a battle with a person related to the crime. You'll have to be on the lookout for contradictions. Do well here, and you'll get additional evidence.

There's also mention at the site of a new system. In its reveal of the game this week, Famitsu said that a key term for the new system would be "chess." A screenshot shared at the official site shows Miles appearing to wield a chess piece.

Gamers will get a first sampling of Ace Attorney Investigations 2 at the Tokyo Game Show next week, as the game is scheduled to be playable in Capcom's booth. Those who sample the title will get a strap as a bonus goodie.

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