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Dead or Alive 3DS Reemerges As Dead or Alive Dimensions

Team Ninja and Yousuke Hayashi working directly on new 3DS entry.


We haven't heard much about Dead or Alive 3DS since E3. And to be honest, we didn't hear much about it then either.

It looks like Tecmo Koei is at long last ready to start talking. Famitsu.com posted today a screenshot-filled look at the game, which is now know as "Dead or Alive Dimensions."

The Famitsu.com preview lists a few cast members and stages. The cast members mentioned at the site include Kasumi, Ayane, Hayate. The stages include a mountain area and Kyoto.

There are no gameplay details in the report, but the site does say that all the special features of the series will remain in place. More cryptically, the site says that players who've moved away from 3D fighting games will be able to enjoy themselves.

The site's information box lists Dimensions as being developed by Team Ninja, with production and direction from Yousuke Hayashi. No release time frame is listed.

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