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Mega Man Universe Goes Playable at Tokyo Game Show

The Blue Bomber's mysterious new game makes its playable debut in Chiba next week.


Despite a showing at PAX last week, we still don't know much about Mega Man Universe. All, or at least some, should be cleared shortly, though, as the game is scheduled to go playable at next week's Tokyo Game Show.

Capcom made the surprise announcement today, updating its Tokyo Game Show special site with a section for Universe.

Those who sample the game at the show will get a nice little bonus item:

As with all Capcom TGS games, Universe's TGS page has a short video message from its producer, Akiko Ito. You won't find any new details in Ito's message, though, as she just notes that the TGS showing will be the first ever for the game.

Universe saw formal announcement for Japan just last week. In Japan, the game will carry the "Mega Man" name. The series is typically known here as "Rockman."

With Universe, Capcom's playable TGS lineup now includes Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, Ace Attorney Investigations 2 (just announced today), Marvel VS Capcom 3, Dead Rising 2, Okamiden, and Monster Hunter Diary (already in release).

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