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Konami Brings Love Plus and Winning Eleven to Tokyo Game Show

Updated exhibit list shows playable Winning Eleven 2011 and Love Plus Arcade, and a Love Plus stage you'll have to watch!

Love Plus Arcade will be in Konami's booth at TGS.

Like pretty much every other major publisher, Konami decided yesterday to provide an update on its Tokyo Game Show plans.

Previously, Konami provided a list of games both from itself and from partner companies, but it did not say what would be playable.

The new update confirms that Castlevania Lords of Shadow (PS3/X360) will be playable. It will be joined by Winning Eleven 2011, playable on PS3 and Xbox 360 (but not Wii or PS2). Other playable games include Zack to Ombra Maboroshi no Yuenchi (DS), Crossboard 7 (X360), Otomedius X (X360), and DanceEvolution (X360).

As detailed yesterday, Metal Gear Rising will be video-only at the show. However, Hideo Kojima and staff will hold a stage event on the 16th where they will unveil the latest details on the game.

Konami also provided an update on the playable and video-only state of partner titles. Playable games include Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki (PSP), Metal Fight Beyblade Portable (PSP), UFC Undisputed 2010 (PS3/X360), Metal Fight Beyblade Big Bang Bladers (DS), Party Game Box 100 (Wii) and Momotaro Dentetsu World (DS). Catherine (PS3/X360) will be video only.

Konami's exhibit list still has one empty slot each for an internal game and a partner title, so expect another update prior to the start of the show next week.

Also featuring prominently in the Konami booth will be girlfriend simulator LovePlus. LovePlus Arcade, which recently went on location test in Akihabara, will be at the show (arcade games are rare at TGS, but not totally unheard of). The game will also be part of a special stage. This will have a user component, as Love Plus players will be able to send in expressions of their love (for instance, pictures of the decorations in their room, images of their itasha vehicles, and so-forth). Konami will show the top submissions during the show and will also give out some prizes.

For those not visiting Tokyo for the show, the Love Plus stage will be broadcast live along with many of Konami's other stages. Visit the company's live broadcast page for details.

As with most publishers, Konami will also be selling goods at the show. Visit the company's goods page for a list of goods from such franchises as Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid and Love Plus. Some of these are exclusive to TGS or will be released in advance at TGS.

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