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Sega Reveals Yakuza Of the End Supporting Cast

Chiaki Kuriayama and other high profile actors lend their talents to new PS3 title.


We've been introduced to the playable heroes. Now meet the supporting cast of the new PlayStation 3 Yakuza game, whose name was confirmed yesterday to be "Yakuza: Of the End.

Sega revealed six of the game's characters today. Included is the heroine, Misuzu Asaki, a myserious character named "DD," and a returning Yakuza veteran. Sega shared brief details on the characters, but also provided screenshots (first in-game shots from the game) and voice actor comments.

As with Yakuza 4, Sega is using 3D digitizing technology to put the likeness of the voice actors into the game. This is, of course, true of only new characters. One of the characters introduced below, one had his in-game form determined back in Yakuza 2, so his actor did not get under the 3D camera.

Here's a look at six characters who will play a key role in Of the End.

Tetsuo Nikaido (二階堂哲雄役)

A member of the Oumi Clan. He's voiced by Kouji Matoba making his video game debut. Matoba says that the recording sessions were difficult because he had to sit down. He was also surprised at the number patterns for short "reaction" voices he had to record (these are presumably for the game's text-based dialogue, which have little bits of voices).

Tomoaki Nagahama (長濱友昭)

A member of the Tojo Clan. He's voiced by Tetta Sugimoto, also making his video game debut. He was surprised by the general process of the recording, where he records the voice first, and the character's lip movements are then matched to his dialogue. He described the Nagahama character as "wicked," but someone who gives the air of not being able to tell if he's an ally or will betray you. Because of this, he was told to to record in a "flat" state, not giving too much character to the voice.

Misuzu Asaki (浅木美涼)

The game's heroine. She's voiced by Chiaki Kuriyama (of Kill Bill and Resident Evil commercial fame), who said that she was very much happy at being selected, as she's a big Yakuza series fan. Her experience playing Yakuza 1, 2 and 3 allowed her to picture how series hero Kazuma would say his lines. She's also a Majima fan and is excited about being able to control the character.


A mysterious man who serves as the key to the game's story but may or may not be a villain. Voiced by Peter (actual name Shinnosuke Ikehata), who said he's was happy when being selected for the game, as he's had an interest in the series for some time. He described the character as a Japanese American who will be surrounded in mystery until the very end. The character's age is also unknown.

Oya-san (おやっさん)

Owner of a Takoyaki restaurant. Voiced by Renji Ishibashi, who said he was surprised when he was asked to appear in a game, but took the job because he wanted a challenge. His character has a lot of short lines, but he believes he was able to deliver the feeling of being an "Oya-san" (which can be taken to mean "old man" -- it's not the character's actual name, but people would refer to him by it).

Daigo Dojima (堂島大吾)

Of the newly introduced characters today, Dojima is the only one returning from past Yakuza games. He's been with the series since part 2. His voice actor, Satoshi Tokushige, said that the character has changed quite a bit from past titles. We'll get to see Daigo's weak sides and even his laughter.

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