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New Dangan-Ronpa Promo Video

Insane rants by Mono Bear joined by actual gameplay footage in this second trailer for Spike's high speed detective action game.


Spike has released a new four minute trailer for Dangan-Ronpa -- the first trailer following the original teaser clip. This one has lots of gameplay footage, so take a look:

The trailer begins with Mono Bear, recently revealed be voiced by Doraemon voice actress Nobuyo Oyama, insisting that he's the school principal. He then explains a bit about his dastardly plot to... well, I'm not sure what exactly it is he's trying to do. He explains that the students will have to point out who the "criminal," presumably the person who committed a murder of some form, is. If they can do this successfully, the criminal will be punished. If they guess the wrong criminal, everyone but the criminal gets punished, and the criminal alone graduates.

After Mono Bear's introduction, the trailer cuts to actual gameplay footage showing the player getting to the bottom of the murder by investigating the crime scene, interviewing other students, and pointing out contradictions.

There's a lot of gameplay footage in the video, most of it a bit hard to decipher without actually playing the game. Regardless, you should definitely take a look, as the visual style is top class.

Dangan-Ronpa is due for release on November 25.

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