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First Look: Super Street Fighter IV's New Costumes

New costumes to be shown running on actual hardware at Tokyo Game Show.


New arranged costumes are on the way for the console versions of Super Street Fighter IV, and the game's development blog provided a first look today.

Have a look at a new type of Ryu, Alpha-style Chun-Li, kitty Cammy (complete with tail!), sexy Juri, and Suited Fei-Long.

According to the blog, these costumes (and perhaps more) will be shown at the Tokyo Game Show next week, running on actual hardware. We can also expects more specific details then.

The blog also says that Capcom will be announcing future developments for the console versions of Super SFIV at the show. That might be in reference just to these costumes, but perhaps we can expect additional announcements as well.

Before TGS, Super Street Fighter IV's arcade version will be making its second location test appearance, this time in Osaka. The blog would not confirm if the location test would feature new characters, but did say that the game has changed considerably from the previous location test version.

Last week's hint about new characters for Super SFIV's arcade version.

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