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My Little Sister is Cute AND Popular

Little sister themed adventure game is the most liked game at Namco Bandai's Tokyo Game Show site.


Namco Bandai has gone all social with its Tokyo Game Show special site. The site's game list allows users to select the games they like -- in the Facebook sense. Every game has an individual Like button below it, complete with a current Like count.

So what is the most Liked game? It's not Tales of Graces F. It's not Gundam Musou 3. Super Robot Taisen L doesn't even come close.

No, this is the current leader of the Likes:

My Little Sister Can't Possibly be This Cute, No Sir, No Way, No How -- It's Impossible, I say, Impossible! Portable is the most Liked game at 236 votes.

And rising, it seems. I started writing this story after seeing a Tweet from the game's official Twitter saying that the game was currently in second place. By the time I got to the site to check, it was already in first place, with a comfortable lead of 70 Likes over Naruto Ultimate Storm 2.

Looks like the game's Twitter followers have been Like spamming Namco Bandai's TGS site. I'd suggest one of two courses of actions. Either join them and see if you can push the game to 1,000 likes, or go against them and Like Solatorobo, which totally deserves more than 10 votes. It's the spiritual successor to Tale Concerto! Tale Concerto!

(Incidentally, the game's actual name translates to "My Little Sister Can't Possibly be This Cute Portable." It's based off a hugely popular light novel. For more details, see this story.)

The game list as of 9/11 at 2:35 in the AM.

UPDATE 5:32: It's come to my attention that the actual number one game at the site is for some reason an already-released Taiko Drum Master DS game that is being exhibited in the Family Corner of the show (which is why I didn't see it -- I didn't look down far enough on the page). The Family Corner was until last year known as the Kids Corner, which may make my slip ironic.

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