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Aya Brea, Clothes Torn, Continues to Fight

I bet that's a haiku in some languages.


One of the earliest announced features for The 3rd Birthday was its costume destruction system, through which main character Aya Brea's clothing will tear off as she incurs damage on the battle field (which take place in the past, in case you haven't heard).

But how far will this "damage" go?

Today, director Hajime Tabata provided an indication at the game's Twitter.

That's Aya in her "destroyed costume state," wrote Tabata. He did not indicate if her clothes can be destroyed further than this. But really, how could they?

Notice how close the camera is to Aya? According to Tabata, this is from the game's "behind" viewpoint (Tabata wrote "behind" in katakana, but I hope the actual English is different). This view allows you to see the action from close behind Aya. You can switch viewpoints in the config screen.

Incidentally, Tabata says that he decided to share the image today because a "general manager" at Square Enix had requested a glimpse at the costume destruction system.

UPDATE 8:51 One tiny point Tabata added about the clothing damage system in a later Tweet: "At save points, you can access headquarters to fix your torn clothes. However, you can also choose not to do this." He also explained that when Aya is in this state, it will "hurt" multiple times more than normal. "In other words, your emotional strength and strength of determination will be tested."

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