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A Glimpse at the Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Control Scheme

Prepare for next week's Tokyo Game Show playable build.


Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded is going playable at Tokyo Game Show next week. You're going to probably have 20 minutes or so to play the game, so you won't want to be fumbling around trying to figure out the controls, right? Thanks to the game's official blog, you won't have to!

The blog posted an image of the control explanation sheet Square Enix will be handing out to those who line up for a play. View it here:

Here's a summary:

L: Cycle Through Deck Commands

L (Hold) + A: Execute Shortcut Command

L (Hold) + X or B: Cycle Through Deck Commands

R: Camera Reset

R (Hold) D-Pad: Camera Control

L+R: Lock-on/Lock-off of enemy

D-Pad: Character Movement

Touch Screen: Rotate Camera and switch between Clock Ability and Navi Map

Y: Use Ability

X: Use Deck Command

A: Use Fight Command / Confirm Selections

B: Jump

Start: Pause / Event Skip

Battle Basics

During battle, your basic move is to press A, which will make Sora do an attack with his Keyblade. With good timing, you can make Sora do combos.

Deck Commands

With the X button, you can use the skill or magic that has been set in your Deck Command -- the little command palette on the lower left of the screen. After use, a skill will need to charge for a bit before it can be used again.


Y makes you use your Abilities, which can make you evade enemy attack. Press Y when attacked to trigger a Reflect Guard, which blocks the attack with your Keyblade. Press Y while moving to execute a Dodge Roll, which keeps you invincible from attack.

For those who are actually attending the show, Square Enix will often have English versions of the command cards as well.

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