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Inazuma Eleven Wii Hits Next Spring

Is this Level-5's mystery Tokyo Game Show title?


Inazuma Eleven Break! was confirmed as a Wii title back in June. Now thanks to Coro Coro Comics, we have a few details.

This first console entry in Level-5's top selling soccer franchise is now known as "Inazuma Eleven Strikers." It will hit Wii next Spring.

The magazine shares just a few bits about the game. The game's visuals will be 3D -- which, of course, we already knew because of the screenshots Level-5 shared over a year ago. You'll be able to take control of a single character during matches, giving instructions out to other players, and making use of "hero time" to score goals. Matches will have character portrait cut-ins during the action.

At the June announcement, Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino said that the game would offer an "all-star" gathering of popular characters from past titles. Coro Coro Comics confirms that the characters will be voiced by the same crew that's voicing the Inazuma anime.

Early screens of Inazuma Eleven Break, provided by Level-5 two yeas ago.

It's possible that we'll get a closer look at Inazuma Eleven Strikers next week. Level-5's Tokyo Game Show exhibit list has a "secret"" game marked for unveiling on the 15th. The timing of the Coro Coro Comics reveal would suggest that Inazuma Eleven Strikers is this title.

[Seen at Game Jouhou]

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