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New Tengai Makyo In Development

Is Red Entertainment's mystery TGS game an iPhone title?


4gamer reports today that a new entry in the Tengai Makyo RPG series is in development over at Red Entertainment. The new game will be released through Alchemia.

According to the 4gamer report, which appears to be based off a press release issued by Alchemia, the new game is being developed as a cross project between it and Tengai Makyo creator Red Entertainment (also known for the Sakura Wars series). This will be the first new game in the series in five years, the site reports. The series' last original title was Tengai Makyo III Namida for PS2.

Alchemia's announcement did not provide any details on the game, regarding genre and whether it will be a new numbered entry in the series or a side offering.

Also missing from Alchemia's announcement was a platform. However, it's possible this will be an iPhone game. The game is going to be released under Alchemia's "GameComplex" brand, according to 4gamer. GameComplex appeared earlier this year as a "game portal" for Alchemia's iPhone "real time massively multiplyaer online global positioning game" geotrion.

More details could be coming at the Tokyo Game Show. 4Gamer says that parties related to the new game will be appearing in its "4GamerLive" Ustream braodcast on the two public days of the event.

A couple of weeks back, the Red Entertainment staff blog hinted at a Tokyo Game Show announcement from the studio. There have also been some hints about new developments for the Sakura Wars series being announced around the time of TGS.

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