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Nintendo Kicks Off Super Mario 25th Anniversary Campaign

Celebrating Super Mario's divisible-by-five birthday with prizes, nostalgic videos and a special interview.


Mario -- or, rather, Super Mario -- turns the big two-five this year. Twenty-five is divisible by five, and Nintendo is celebrating as one might expect. Today, the company opened a special campaign site which is packed full of classic sprite art and nostalgic fun.

The biggest part of the Super Mario 25th Anniversary campaign is, at present, Super Mario Collection Special Pack, a limited edition Wii release of Super Mario All-Stars with special packaging and some sweet bonus content. Read all about the game here.

The campaign also consists of a drawing for some sweet Mario goods, including Mario and Luigi tote bag (1,000 each) a t-shirt (given to 3,000) and Mario playing cards (given to 5,000). The raffle is being handled through Club Nintendo. To take part, you'll need to buy a Wii or DS Mario game.

There's a user generated content side to the campaign. Nintendo wants Flipnote/Ugomemo players to submit Mario-themed drawings as part of a Mario Contest. The winning work will be distributed through the Nintendo Home Page, the DS at Mac service, and Wii's Nintendo Channel. Visit the contest part of the site for a sample.

The campaign site also has some videos that Mario fans will want to check out. Visit the site's movie page for a lengthy video recapping the Super Mario Bros. series, a campaign commercial (don't blow on the connectors boy!), a general introduction video to the campaign, and a video clip of Super Mario Collection Special Pack.

It looks like Nintendo will be updating the site with additional content over time. There's currently a lengthy "Iwata Asks" column featuring Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, but sitting opposite Miyamoto is not Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata but Mother creator Shigesato Itoi. If you've got Japanese skills or are good with a translation program, access the interview here.

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