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Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Hits Tokyo Game Show

Visit Capcom's Tougeki booth for a chance at those secret characters everyone already knows about.


It looks like Love Plus Arcade won't be the only arcade game at Tokyo Game Show this year. Capcom announced today that it will have its own booth at the show's Tougeki '10 Final fighting tournament, and the booth will house Super Street Fighter IV's upcoming arcade version.

Visitors to the Capcom booth (note that this is the Capcom booth in the Tougeki area -- not the Capcom booth on the show floor, which will probably be overrun by disgruntled Monster Hunter players anyhow) will be able to sample the arcade rev of Super SFIV. Just like at the recent Osaka location test, the playable roster will include the two newcomer characters whose identity Capcom still refuses to formally acknowledge.

Capcom's Super SFIV arcade page which shared the news today, also mentions that the "mystery of the silhouettes" will be cleared up. It's unclear if this means that the characters will be formally announced, or if the site is just referring to the fact that the characters will be playable. It's worth noting that series producer Yoshinori Ono, in a rare Japanese language Tweet today (he usually Tweets in English), hinted at a formal announcement for the characters some time this week.

Tougeki floor map provided by Capcom. The Capcom booth is in blue, next to the entrance, but far from the main stage in the upper right.

Although Super will be playable at the Capcom booth, it will not be part of the Tougeki tournament. That honor goes to the standard Street Fighter IV. Sunday attendees will be able to view the tournament for SFIV and such games as Arcana Heart 3, Super Street Fighter IIX and Street Fighter III 3rd Strike. See the Tougeki officail site for a full schedule and further details.

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