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El Shaddai Due For Spring Release

Famitsu gets an early sampling ahead of TGS.


Ignition Entertainment's original PS3 and Xbox 360 action title El Shaddai is scheduled to make its playable debut at the Tokyo Game Show later this week. Famitsu.com used its connections for an early sampling.

The version of the game the site demoed is the exact same demo that TGS players will be able to sample. It runs about 10 to 15 minutes.

You start the game down on earth atop a giant seven fingered hand. Enemies appear, and Enoch quickly jumps into battle.

This has been reported in past previews, but the game's control system is meant to be simple. Outside of movement with the analogue stick, you have three buttons: attack, jump and guard. Famitsu reports that despite the simplicity, you can still do quite a bit in terms of timing-based combos. The game also has charge-based attacks where you have to hold down on the attack button.

Enoch has access to three attack methods in the demo: his bare hands, a shield-like weapon (I'm not sure of the English name) and his "arch" sword. The shield weapon is an item that was left on the earth by fallen angels. It's equipped on both hands and can serve as both an attack method and as a shield capable of deflecting enemy bullets.

There's more to the demo than just combat. The demo offers players a chance to try out a number of small sequences from different stages. Some passages make use of the platforming elements as you move Enoch around and jump between platforms.

Famitsu's writer seemed impressed with the game, saying that players will be surprised with the amount of variation offered by the three button setup. The aesthetics are also a big attraction, both for the backgrounds and the character visuals.

Ignition's Tokyo Game Show booth is, according to Famitsu, being designed in the image of El Shaddai, so those lucky enough to attend the event later this week should stop on by and give the game a try.

Famitsu.com reports a Spring 2011 time frame for the game.

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