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This Week's Pre-TGS Flying Get

Will Valkyria Chronicles 3 get announced? Is Yakuza Of the End really a zombie game?

We'll finally find out why the Yakuza Of the End heroes are armed like Americans.

Welcome to this week's Flying Get. Every week, the latest game news leaks out of magazines ahead of street dates and is posted to 2channel and other shady places. This column contains translations and summaries of all those leaks.

Visit these past articles to see the kinds of things that leaked out before:

This week, a special issue of Flying Get because Tokyo Game Show kicks off on Thursday, the very day that Famitsu hits. Getting Famitsu early the week of an event can be quite amusing, because they'll often refer to the event in the past tense, as if it already happened.

Famitsu is officially promising a full reveal for Yakuza: Of the End and a Tetsuya Nomura interview. While the Nomura interview is about Dissidia Deweydecimal Final Fantasy, don't be surprised if Famitsu also gets some commentary on Nomura's other projects. They always do.

Unofficially, we'll likely get our first word on Valkyria Chronicles 3 and maybe even that big Suda 51 and Shinji Mikami EA tie-up.

Check back throughout the day for updates! And later on tonight, turn to the main channel for slightly more official coverage once we get the mags for ourselves.

Also be sure and keep an eye on our Tokyo Game Show portal for show updates later this week.

ADDED 13:54

Disaster Report 4 Followup

Famitsu has a followup report on Disaster Report 4 ahead of the game's Tokyo Game show 3D playable debut tomorrow.

Here are the details, in bullet point form for easy consumption.

  • The number of damaged buildings you can enter will be the most the series has ever seen.
  • The game engine can show quite a large number of people, allowing the team to recreate the confusion and disorder of a disaster.
  • They'll also be showing what happens a few days after the earthquake in the hope of conveying that things don't end once you've successfully fled.
  • As previously detailed, you'll be able to customize your main character. There will be download costumes on PSN.
  • It looks like the game will have online rankings for how good and evil you are.
  • The game was made with the idea of creating a disaster game from scratch.
  • Development is currently 70% complete.

Here's that sweet high res pic Irem shared yesterday:

Even More Dissidia Details

A few more bits about Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy something-or-other courtesy of Famitsu.

Jump previously confirmed Kain and Lightning for the game. There will be more characters than just this -- a lot more. The new character count will be beyond the level of 3 or 4 characters.

Famitsu confirms that all the characters from the original will return. All the maps from the original will also return.

Updates for the current crew include a 3P color. The game will also have new summons.

In the previous leaked info below, there was mention of an Assist Mode where you can call out an allied character into battle, resulting in four characters fighting for brief moments. It does not look like the game will have four player support.

During Assist Mode, you can issue commands to your ally. Pressing Down + L and Circle depletes your assist gauge by 1 and makes the ally do a Brave attack. L plus Square depletes your assist gauge by 2 and makes the ally do an HP attack.

Square Enix is keeping details on the game's story mode under wraps right now. It appears that the 012 in the name has something to do with the story, but it would be a spoiler to get specific.

Some of the new gameplay systems are also being kept under wraps at present. One of these systems is said to be as big as surechigai/tag mode, but different. Some of the game's secrets may come to light for those who play the game's Tokyo Game Show

Regarding music, we can expect a whole lot more background music this time around. Nomura also appears anxious to include the original Famicom chip tunes in the game.

The wait to play the Dissidia sequel in final form will not be too long, Nomura also confirmed.

ADDED 12:28

Dissidia Final Fantasy 012 Detailed

The first few details on Square Enix's Dissidia Final Fantasy sequel have leaked out from Famitsu.

The game will feature the "Assist System," which will allow you to call out allies onto the battle field. This could result in four characters combatting simultaneously for periods.

Lightning will carry over some of her FFXIII characteristics. Using L and R, you can make her switch off between Attacker, Blaster and Healer jobs.

The magazine also reveals some voice actor details. Kain will be voiced by Koichi Yamadera. Returning from the original as narrator will be Bunta Sugawara.

Shinji Mikami and Suda 51 Team Up For Shadow of the DAMNED

The "Shadow of the Damned" game that appeared in Famitsu's table of contents is indeed the Electronic Arts published game from Shinji Mikami and Suda 51.

Early leaked details reveal that the game puts players in the role of a professional demon killer out to kill residents of the world of demons. The game will apparently have a Resident Evil 4-style perspective and will also give players the chance to ride a motorcycle.

A PS3 and Xbox 360 release is planned for Spring.

EA will be holding a press conference in Tokyo later today, so we should get more details then.

ADDED 10:57

First Valkyria Chronicles 3 Details

Here are a few bits on Valkyria Chronicles 3 based off Game Jouhou's summary of today's magazine leaks:

  • The game will be released on January 27, 2011, priced ¥6,279 for its standard version and ¥5,600 for its download version.
  • Similar to the first two games, it will have an original story with a new cast of central characters.
  • The focus of the story will be on a group called the "Nameless."
  • The game will take place in the same time period as the original Valkyria, but will have a new story.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix Announced

It looks like this week's Jump has first details on the expected "Final Mix" version of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

Kingdom Heart Birth By Sleep Final Mix will be released this Winter. The game has all the changes from the North American version of the game, complete with English voices and the sticker system.

Square Enix often adds a few additions just for Japanese players, but as far as I can tell Jump does not mention such areas.

ADDED 10:05

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Upped to HD Quality

Famitsu has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 versions of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus will be upped to HD quality for their release on PlayStation 3.

The magazine has separate information boxes for each game, so it seems like they'll be released separately here in Japan. Both are listed date TBA.

The two games share two pages of coverage with The Last Guardian, also listed as date TBA. The magazine shows three pics of each.

From what I can see, there are no further details on The Last Guardian or the two Team ICO classics. For ICO and Shadow, the magazine simply recaps what the games are about.

ADDED 09:46

Sweet Jesus Yakuza Of the End Really Is a Zombie Game

Yesterday, some random guy said on Twitter that he'd heard a rumor that Yakuza Of the End is a zombie game where zombies have run amok on the streets of Kamurocho.

It sounded pretty far fetched, but it's actually for real. Screens from Famitsu have leaked out, and the streets of Kamurocho they show the streets of a destroyed Kamurcho crawling with zombies. And well dressed zombies too -- it looks like "they" (I don't know who "they" is) got to the hosts.

The screens show Japan's self defense force being deployed on the streets of Kamurcho. But they're no match for the party-loving zombies of the neon city who in one shot appear to be grouping together to pick up a tank.

The same person who mentioned this bit about the zombie theme via his Twitter also said something about Sega having the hostesses being made up like zombies at tomorrow's Tokyo Game Show press conference.

ADDED 09:06

Famitsu Table of Contents

Also in this week's contents:

Inazuma Eleven Strikers for Wii: First details already appeared in Jump, but Famitsu hopefully has more info. (This is likely, since they have three pages). Click here for Jump's details.

The Last Story: See above. Click here for Jump's details.

The 3rd Birthday: See above. For a summary of Jump's story, click here

Shadows of the DAMNED: A PS3 and Xbox 360 game of some form. The "DAMNED" is in all caps in the table of contents.

Bangaioh HD Missile Fury: Announced for Japan, it seems

And, of course, the promised features on Yakuza: Of the End (13 pages, although split with Black Panther) and Dissidia (8 pages!). Now lets see if those rumors of Of the End being a zombie game turn out to be true (they're probably not true, but wouldn't it be neat!)

Shadow of the Colossus and ICO Set for PlayStation 3

Famitsu's table of contents has a couple of unexpected entries under its PlayStation 3 section: ICO and Wanda to Kyozo. The latter is, of course the Japanese name for Shadow of the Colossus.

It looks like Sony really is releasing remakes of the Team ICO classics! Details are not available at present. However, the table of contents lists the two games separately, so they presumably won't be part of some sort of super Team Ico collection.

The magazine also has The Last Guardian coverage. Looks like a triple feature from Ueda at this year's Tokyo Game Show!

Vaklyria Chronicles 3 is for PSP

Hoping to see Valkyria Chronicles return to PS3 with its third installment? Then some disappointing news from Famitsu. The magazine's table of contents confirms that the third entry in the series is coming to PSP.

This update is just from the magazine's table of contents. Details will follow.

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