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Classic Dungeon Developer Readying Retro Styled Tower Defense

Dot Defense hits PSN later this month, complete with sprite visuals and a stage edit mode.


The developer of retro-styled PSP dungeon crawler Classic Dungeon are sticking with the pixel-heavy sprite theme for their next game.

System Prisma shared first screens and details today for Dot Defense, a new PSP tower defense game with sprite visuals that will remind you of Classic Dungeon. Outside of the visuals, the game may have some story and character ties with that game.

Players are tasked by King Pina with defeating approaching enemy monsters. You'll have to place units of varying ability on the maps in order to deal with the threat.

Once the battle begins, monsters attack from the left side of the screen, advancing to the right. In typical tower defense fashion, your troops will automatically attack once enemy units come into range.

It looks like System Prisma is implementing some unique gameplay systems to separate Dot Defense from the crowded tower defense pack. You'll have access to additional strategic options, as you can equip your units with items and magic prior to deploying them. You purchase new units following battle using "Gane," the game's version of money.

Unlike the retail Classic Dungeon, Dot Defense is a downloadable PSN game priced at just ¥1,200. But System Prisma seems to be going all out with it. Players will have access to an edit mode for creating their own maps and even background music. The game is also going to see download content updates.

Dot Defense will be the first game to be published by System Prisma, a subsidiary of Nippon Ichi.

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