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Nintendo and Red Readying Fossil Fighters Sequel

Collect over 140 dinosaurs and ancient plans in DS followup.


Good news, Red fans! The mystery TGS game Red was teasing last week may not have been the iPhone Tengai Makyo game after all.

Instead, it may very well be this:

That's from the official site Nintendo opened up today for Super Kaseki Horider, a sequel to a 2008 Red-developed title called Bokura wa Kaseki Horider. You might be more familiar with the game under its English name: Fossil Fighters.

As with the original, you'll be unearthing and cleaning fossils, which you'll then assemble into living dinosaurs which can be pitted against one another in battle. The sequel will have over 140 dinosaurs and ancient plants, all chronicled with the support of the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum.

According to the official site, Super Kaseki Horider is due for DS release some time this year.

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