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PSP Tops 15 Million -- Enterbrain

Top selling game closes in on four million sold.


PSP has topped the 15 million mark in domestic sales, Famitsu.com reports today citing sales data from its parent company, Enterbrain.

As of September 12, the last day of Enterbrain's most recent tracking period, the PSP has sold 15,009,120 units.

The system was originally released on December 12, 2004. It crossed the 10 million mark in July of 2008.

The highest selling game for the PSP, notes Famitsu, is Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, with 2,453,132 units. This figure does not include sales of the game's various budget versions. Add in those, and total sales come to 3,984,597 units.

Despite this impressive sales feat, PSP has still sold less than half of the DS, which as of the 12th has sold 31,039,215 units.

In consoles, Wii is still the top system with total sales of 10,655,962 units. PS3 has sold 5,501,923 units. Xbox 360 has sold 1,354,685 units.

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