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Inazuma Eleven Strikers Confirmed for TGS

Wii entry in Level-5 soccer series to be playable later this week.

Screenshot of Break shared by Level-5 over two years ago. What will the game be like now?

Level-5 updated its Tokyo Game Show special page today with the identity of the "secret" title that has been on the page since its opening last week.

Sure enough, the mystery game is Inazuma Eleven Break, the console entry in the Inazuma Eleven series that was confirmed as a Wii title a couple of months back.

This announcement isn't too surprising because the game appeared in Jump earlier this week under the new name Inazuma Eleven Strikers. For details on the Jump reveal, see this story.

Level-5 confirms the Strikers name and the Spring 2011 release time period Jump shared.

It also confirms that the game will be show at TGS in playable form. It will join Ni no Kuni DS, PS3 & Mobile and Danbol Senki (PSP) as playable games in the booth. Mystery Room (DS), originally announced as playable, has been switched to video-only.

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