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Pokemon Takes Over McDonalds in Odaiba

Restaurant gets covered in the colors of black and white in celebration of upcoming Pokemon release.


We at long last have an answer to the age old question: what would happen if the Pokemon would to stop it with all the battling and instead go into the franchise restaurant business.

That's an image of a McDonalds in Tokyo's Odaiba area. It's being converted to the "Pokemon Flagship Shop" from September 18 through October 18.

Of course, this collaboration between Pokemon Co. and Japan McDonalds being done to promote Pokemon Black & White, which hits retail here on the 18th.

Over the one month period, the Pokemon Flagship Shop, which also apparently goes by the name Pokemon BW Mac, will have its interior and exterior decked out in the colors of Pokemon Black & White. It will also have a gallery showing the Pokemon who appear in Black & White.

This is all in addition to the Pokemon-related downloads that are being held at all McDonalds restaurants as part of the DS at Mac download service. However, it looks like visitors to the Odaiba outlet can look forward to an exclusive item.

For further details (in Japanese), read the McDonalds Japan press release.

Most of the Pokemon Related content can be downloaded through the DS at Mac service that's in place at McDonalds restaurants nationwide.

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