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Electronic Arts Press Conference Live Blog

We're about to find out what happens when Suda 51 and Shinji Mikami team up.


Electronic Arts is gathering the press in Shinjuku today for a pre Tokyo Game Show press event where it will outline its upcoming lineup for both Japan and the world at large.

The publisher held a similar press event last year. In case you missed it, here's a live blog of those proceedings.

Anticipation is just a bit higher this year, as there have been some hints that EA's long awaited tie-up project with Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami and No More Heroes/Killer 7 creator Suda 51 is about to be announced. (If you've read this week's magazine leaks story, you'll know that this is the case, but let's play dumb just for kicks).

We'll be living blogging the conference. Check back in this space around 17:00ish for the start. While you're waiting, be sure and view our Tokyo Game Show portal (that's what the giant pink thing above links to) for all our pre-show coverage.

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17:47 -- The press conference is over, so I'll close off the live blog! Thanks for reading!

17:46 -- The press conference is coming to an end! Here's one more pic of the Suda x Mikami x Yamaoka part:

17:45 -- Here are a couple of images of the Mikami x Suda part:

17:44 -- I imagine the trailer they're going to show is going to be the one that EA shared earlier in the day.

17:43 -- They're bantering back and forth.

17:43 -- He was just joking, though! They're gong to show some footage.

17:43 -- Mikami says there isn't much to say at present.

17:42 -- Yamaoka feels his creativity has been ignited working with Suda and Mikami.

17:41 -- (Suda is making everyone say "Shadows of the Damned" in a very deep voice)

17:41 -- He says he was happy when Suda and Mikami approached him.

17:41 -- Yamaoka takes the stage.

17:40 -- Suda: So, we went to Akira Yamaoka for his musical talent and asked his help.

17:40 -- Mikami: Myself and Suda have always thought only one person could do this.

17:40 -- Mikami: Even if we had great style and gameplay, you'd still need great music to complete the game.

17:39 -- Suda: From the beginning to end, it offers the over the top psychological experience. Of course, the setting is in hell, so it can't be easy.

17:39 -- Suda: It's one of the greatest games I've ever worked on in my lifetime.

17:38 -- Suda: It's an intense game, but you see some light moments as well. However, it's a very dark game.

17:38 -- Suda: As you can see, you will be challenged by grotesque demons throughout the game.

17:38 -- Suda: I believe Mikami is the number 1 game creator in the industry.

17:38 -- Suda takes over: Of course, you can see Mikami's influence in the core action part of the game.

17:37 -- There are a lot of light moments as well, from Suda.

17:37 -- You can see the uniqueiness and style that Suda has thorughout the game.

17:37 -- The game has a punk rock edge to it. You can see Suda's style everywhere.

17:36 -- (this is Mikami talking, by the way)

17:36 -- This psyco action thriller, what makes it different is the involvement of Suda.

17:36 -- Suda passes the mic to MIkami.

17:35 -- "Mikami and I are not making Love Plus."

17:35 -- Even though it's a love story, it's not a romance game.

17:35 -- He goes on a trip to hell to save his love, Paula.

17:35 -- The game tells the story of Garcia who finds his true love abducted by demons to the underworld.

17:34 -- Suda says the title is long, so he suggested that you called it "Damned."

17:34 -- "First, the title: Shadows of the Damned."

17:34 -- We're very pleased to announce our new psycho action thriller.

17:33 -- They chose EA as their publisher because they felt EA would be capable of bringing the game to a global audience.

17:33 -- Suda is talking: Mikami and Suda have been wanting to work together for a long time, and they've been looking for a publisher.

17:32 -- I swear John intoduced Suda as "Suda Fiddy One.")

17:32 -- Suda Fiddy One?

17:31 -- Mikami time woooo!!!

17:30 -- They leave off with a world debut teaser clip.

17:28 -- They're just showing a bunch of screenshots.

17:28 -- American McGee appears to talk about Alice Madness Returns, based on the Louis/Lewis Carol books..

17:27 -- Now for EA Partners games.

17:22 -- Demo time!

17:22 -- Now talking about PS3 LE, which excludes Dead Space Extraction

17:21 -- Now has a multiplayer mode and Move controls

17:21 -- Now for Dead Space II

17:20 -- Here's a couple of My Garden pics:

17:18 -- Now they're demoing the game.

17:18 -- Tatsuya Kawajiri now on stage.

17:18 -- (Anoop liveblog highjacking: EA is live streaming this event on their official site, by the way.)

17:17 -- He's happy to be on the packaging. Looks forward to fighting him in the game.

17:16 -- Yoshida on stage now (famous fighter).

17:15 -- This is EA's Mixed Martial Arts game.

17:15 -- Now for Sougou Kakutougi

17:15 -- Sept in Europe, October in US and Japan.

17:14 -- (Anoop live blog highjacking: It looks like the Shadows of the Damned announcement trailer has been released. View it here. This is the big Mikami x Suda 51 tie-up, by the way.)

17:14 -- They're showing a trailer now.

17:13 -- FIFA 11, "part of best selling sports franchise in the world, is packed with new features," etc., etc...

17:12 -- Now for two games from EA Sports.

17:11 -- There's a Wii version too.

17:11 -- 360, PS3, Mac and PC allows for environment sharing

17:11 -- Player is rewarded for playing more and more.

17:10 -- "Let your imaginations run wild."

17:09 -- Now we can race a car in the environment we create.

17:09 -- Design environments with endless possibilities. Sand, plants, animals, buildings, etc.

17:08 -- A game that stretches creativity

17:07 -- Based on the idea of "What if?"

17:07 -- Now for Create by EA Bright Light.

17:07 -- Launch game for 3DS in all regions

17:07 -- Tanuki is the narrator and helper in the game.

17:06 -- Design your garden, then use 3D camera to take nice 3d photos.

17:06 -- Immersed in a garden world with 6 unique environments, you have to collect 300 plants. Lots of insects.

17:04 -- Visuals are Pikmin-esque

17:04 -- It's My Garden by EA Salt Lake.

17:04 -- 3DS game to be shown now.

17:03 -- (Here's another pic, this time from Sharan who's appearing at andriasang.com as a guest picture taking person)

17:03 -- John Schappert is out now.

17:01 -- They're showing a montage of game trailers.

17:01 -- The internet is a bit slow, so updates may be delayed.

17:00 -- It's started!

17:00 -- The press conference will begin in just a bit.

16:37 -- (Anoop live blog highjacking -- Alex has sent his first pic from the event.)

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