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Okamiden Slippers Kill You With Cuteness

Plus, a brief history of just how adorable Chibi Terasu is.


Our first exposure to the offensive cuteness of Okamiden hero Chibiterasu came at last year's Tokyo Game Show where as we waited in line, we were tortured by this:

Then, Capcom decided to make a whole line of Chibiterasu product, allowing its fans to come up with item ideas.

First came this Chibiterasu pillow:

Then, this Chibiterasu bookcover (yes, that's his tail serving a the bookmark!)

And now, the third item in the product line:

With these "Mofu Mofu Chibiterasu Slippers," you now have your whole night provided for. You can rest your head against the Chibiterasu pillow while reading a book wrapped in your Chibiterasu book cover, then get up to use the facilities, keeping your feet warm in your Chibiterasu slippers.

Here's proof that the slippers are still cute even when on someone's feet:

The 28 centimeter Chibiterasu Mofu Mofu Slippers will be sold this December for ¥3,150, exclusively through e-Capcom.

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