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Square Enix Shares Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Control Chart

See how Lightning and Kain play in the Tokyo Game Show demo.


Just as it did for Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded and The 3rd Birthday, Square Enix has released an online version of its Tokyo Game Show controller chart for Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. View it here:

The controller card shows the following controls, many (but not all!) of which you'll recognize from the original Dissidia:

  • Circle: Brave Attack
  • Square: HP Attack
  • X: Jump
  • Triangle: Move Actions at Move Markers
  • L: Lock-on/off
  • L+Circle: Assist Brave Attack
  • L+Square: Assist HP Attack
  • R: Guard
  • R+X: Evade
  • R+Triangle: Air Dash
  • D-Pad: Camera Control
  • Analogue Pad: Character Control
  • Start: Pause

The gameplay basics seem to be the same -- use Brave Attacks to steal your opponent's Brave, then use HP Attacks to deal actual damage to your opponent.

You can build up an EX Guage in order to switch to EX Mode (by pressing R+Square). Here, when you strike with HP Attacks, a Square might appear on screen. Press Square at that time to perform a powerful EX Burst attack.

Combat looks like it will be cinematic once again thanks to the Move Actions and Air Dashes. Using Move Actions, which you trigger by pressing Triangle at prompts on the map, you can make your character do things like run up walls, jump between areas, and rail grind. Air Dashing, performed with R+Triangle, lets you charge at your enemy.

Those who aren't into action games can bring up a command list to fight like a menu-driven RPG. Here, you press triangle to move, circle to fight, square for a skill and x for defense. Your character will take it from there automatically.

The character command list shows the following characters:

  • FFXIII Lightning (Assist: Warrior of Light)
  • FFIV Kain (Assist: Cecil)
  • FF Warrior of Light (Assist: Tidus)
  • FFVI Tina (Assist: Onion Knight)
  • FFVII Cloud (Assist Sephiroth)
  • FFIX Kuja (Assist Zidan)
  • FFII Firion (Assist Tidus)

On the chart, you'll find Intro Mode (top), Normal Mode (center) and Hard Mode (bottom) controls. There are a few different character selections depending on the mode.

Of particular note is newcomer Lightning. Notice how she has color coded skills? You can execute an Optima Change with L+R to make her switch between Attacker (red), Blaster (blue) and Healer (green). As an attacker, she has access to skills like Smash Upper, Area Blast, Ruin and Impact Break. Blaster gives her Thunder, Fire and other spells. Healer gives her access to Cure.

As a totally new 012 feature, each character is listed with an assist character, whom you can call out for support in battle. As you use Brave Attacks, you build up your Assist Gauge. Using 1 Memory from this gauge, you can call out your assist character to perform a Assist Brave Attack (L + Circle). Using 2 Memories, you can have the character perform an Assist HP Attack (L + Square).

The assist characters perform different moves depending on if you're opponent is on the ground or in the air. The card suggests creating original combos that connect to your own attacks.

The demo has pre-set Assist characters, but based off the wording of the control chart, it looks like the final version of the game will let you select the characters for yourself.

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