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Inazuma Strikers Official Site Opens

Two years later, how does the console version of Inazuma eleven look? Find out here!


After confirming today that its secret Tokyo Game Show game was indeed Inazuma Eleven Strikers, Level-5 opened an official site for the game, giving us our first look in two years at the game that was originally announced as Inazuma Eleven Break.

The page confirms much of what we've heard about the game, either through comments from Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino or through a recent Weekly Shounen Jump preview.

Strikers will, as Hino said back at the game's announcement for Wii a couple of months back, be a "dream all-star game." You'll be able to select your favorite character as an in-game alter-ego, then face off with friends in competitive and cooperative play.

During matches, you can issue commands to your fellow players. You can also switch to Hero Time to break through the opponent defense.

The game will make use of its more advanced hardware (the past three titles were for the DS) for full 3D visuals and intense anime-style cut-ins during matches. You can get a glimpse here:

The official site provides a look at the TGS demo. While not getting too specific, the site mentions that players will be able to sample actual soccer play in advance.

Strikers is due for Wii release this Spring. As with the DS games, the game is being developed and published by Level-5.

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