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Sega Begins Dreamcast Reprint Project

New portal devoted to Dreamcast classics brought back to life on PS3 and Xbox 360.


There's a familiar shade of orange off Sega's official site today:

This is a new page for Sega's "Dreamcast Reprint Project" program, accessible at dc.sega.jp/.

We already knew that Sega will be bringing Dreamcast games back to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In fact, the first of those titles, Sonic Adventure, is due for PS3 and X360 release on 9/29, and both Sonic and Crazy Taxi are going to be playable on Xbox 360 at the Tokyo Game Show.

But the fact that they opened a full portal site suggests that we can expect a lot more!

The site confirms that additional titles will be added in the future. It also only mentions PS3 and Xbox 360 as target platforms, in case you were holding out for something else.

Access the page for movies and details on Sonic and Crazy Taxi.

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