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Xbox 360 Keynote Briefing Live Blog

Microsoft kicks off the Tokyo Game Show with a keynote address where it promises to outline its upcoming strategy.


Microsoft already outlined its year end strategy for the Xbox 360 at its annual Media Briefing event last week. But it's going to be providing a more in-depth look today as Phil Spencer and Takashi Sensui open up the Tokyo Game Show with an early morning keynote.

TGS keynotes are usually low on major revelations, but Sensui promised last week that there would be some announcements at this one. You'll definitely want to stay tuned to see what happens.

We'll be live blogging the keynote, so check back in this space at around 10:30 or so.

Keep up with all your Tokyo Game Show press conferences via the schedule section of the andriasang.com Tokyo Game Show portal. The schedule provides convenient links to live streams for many events, and is constantly being updated with new additions. Be sure and check it regularly throughout the show.

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11:34 -- Check back later for coverage from Sony's press briefing.

11:34 -- See ya later!

11:33 -- I guess this is the end.

11:32 -- More talk about the Japanese game industry: "The Japanese cannot lose! But right now, they're losing."

11:31 -- From Software will help because Capcom can't do this alone, apparently. Kinect offers many possibilities.

11:31 -- Talking about how the game will be controlled.

11:29 -- (Anoop's live blog hijacking -- Finally! I thought that darn Dead Rising jacket was his only outfit!)

11:29 -- Inafune is wearing a US Army beige jacket.

11:28 -- Someone just called Inafune's cellphone. Heh. He apologizes.

11:28 -- Keiji Inafune on stage.

11:27 -- Steel Battalion Heavy Armor

11:27 -- It's Steel Battalion!

11:26 -- Trailer shows Manhattan getting invaded in 2082.

11:25 -- One more game.

11:24 -- Shows guys getting tortured by monsters.

11:24 -- Next is Sega's Rise of Nightmares.

11:22 -- The visuals represent changing the world for the better. It's filled with flowers, lights, particles, etc. Looks beautiful.

11:20 -- Mizuguchi on stage now

11:20 -- ...this looks fantastic!

11:19 -- Trailer time. In the trailer, there's new info.

11:19 -- Now onto Child of Eden.

11:18 -- That's the official English name. Out this Spring in the West.

11:17 -- Now talking about Dr. Kawashima's Body and Brain Exercises.

11:16 -- Sensui back on stage.

11:15 -- Kinect exclusive, shows dudes in rabbit costumes getting burned up.

11:15 -- Codename D

11:15 -- Suda's new game takes place in an amusement park

11:14 -- Trailer time.

11:14 -- Talking about the partnership with MS and making revolutionary and provocative games.

11:12 -- "Hello everyone. I'm Suda 51!"

11:11 -- From Suda!

11:11 -- Last Japanese 360 title now.

11:10 -- 360 exclusive.

11:10 -- Trailer now playing. Shows red flying dragon. A bit Avatar-like.

11:07 -- Project Draco, has roots in mythology. (Futatsugi)

11:07 -- Phantom Dust dude now making a new game at Grounding Inc.

11:06 -- Called Haunt.

11:05 -- Takes place in a haunted house-like setting.

11:05 -- Trailer time.

11:04 -- Matsura is on the screen since he can't attend TGS.

11:04 -- By Matsura and Nana-On-Sha.

11:04 -- Next Kinect game is from musician+game creator

11:01 -- Moving on to Kinect now.

11:00 -- It's Radiant Silvergun!

11:00 -- Live and local coop

11:00 -- XBLA

11:00 -- Trailer now.

10:59 -- 360 exclusive of acclaimed shootemup.

10:59 -- Next is Treasure

10:59 -- It's a new Fire Pro Wrestling!

10:57 -- First partner: Spike

10:57 -- Five new partnerships between Japanese studios and Microsoft Game Studios.

10:56 -- New 360 model is currently #1 in sales in NA and EU.

10:55 -- Broke the Halo 3 record for XBL players.

10:55 -- Halo Reach: $200 Million in day one sales! Bigger than any entertainment launch in 2010.

10:54 -- Does not include online download games.

10:54 -- 2.1 Billion vs. 1 Billion on Xbox

10:53 -- Japanese games on 360 have sold 2x the amount on the original Xbox.

10:52 -- (Anoop live blog hijacking - I remember similar name drops from the last Microsoft TGS keynote.)

10:52 -- Phil recalls how arcades introduced games to people. Namedrops Miyamoto, Itani (Pac-Man) and Yu Suzuki.

10:51 -- Audience claps.

10:51 -- "Konnichiwa, minasan. Phil Spencer desu."

10:50 -- Phil Spencer introduced onto the stage.

10:49 -- Sensui back on stage.

10:49 -- Rising presentation is done. Development is advancing. A release date will be announced as soon as it's ready.

10:48 -- The demo is showing off Rising's cutting mechanic. Visuals looks awesome!

10:47 -- They're showing Metal Gear Solid Rising right now.

10:47 -- We're back in business!

10:47 -- Cancel that last post!

10:47 -- Oops!

10:38 -- We seem to be having some technical difficulties, so we won't be able to live blog the MS keynote. Sorry!

10:09 -- Now back to your regularly scheduled Tokyo Game Show keynote... which doesn't start until 10:30 so why are you reading this now?

10:09 -- We also have an English language Twitter set up at andriasang_mbl. I have no idea who's updating it. It may be Alex.

10:08 -- We have Masae Tweeting live from the show floor. Her Tweets are in Japanese, but she'll be posting lots of images, so follow her at andriasang_jpn.

10:07 -- That's actually note from the keynote area. It's from the ribbon cutting just outside the event space.

10:06 -- Here's a pic!

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