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Square Enix Makes Big PSP Push

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix confirmed, The 3rd Birthday dated, and everything mixing up with Dissidia.


Square Enix continued to show strong support for the PlayStation Portable today at the Tokyo Game Show. The company confirmed one game that leaked out in advance earlier this week, finally announced a release date for a game PSP owners have been waiting to play for years, and also revealed how these two titles will tie-up to a later potential blockbuster for the system.

Getting formal announcement today was Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix. Word of this leaked out of Jump Magazine yesterday A release is planned for January 2011.

Like other "Final Mix" games, this Final Mix can be considered a Japanese version of the North American version of Birth By Sleep. It has English cut-scenes as well as all the features that were newly added for the US version. Square Enix is also adding a number of new elements just for this version, including a new Secret Episode which can only be reached by fulfilling certain conditions.

Before Final Mix, Square Enix will release a game PSP owners have been waiting for some time to play. The company set a final release date of December 22 for The 3rd Birthday. The game is priced at ¥6,090.

While there has been some talk at The 3rd Birthday official Twitter of a possible download release, no such release was announced.

The other big upcoming PSP title from Square Enix (outside of Final Fantasy Agito XIII, which has its expected minimal video-only appearance at TGS) is Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. At TGS, Square Enix shared a first trailer and first playable build for the game.

Square Enix will be tying these three big PSP titles together through a bonus content campaign. Final Mix and The 3rd Birthday each include a product code in their first print runs. Input this code in Dissidia, and you'll get some download content

The content from The 3rd Birthday is an Aya Brea costume, which can be worn by Lightning. The 3rd Birthday actually its own Lightning costume for Aya, making this tie-up appropriate.

The content from Final Mix is a costume that turns the Dissidia Cloud character into the Kingdom Hearts Cloud character.

Dissidia is due for release some time in 2011. In recent interviews, Tetsuya Nomura hinted that the game won't be too far off, so you'll likely be able to put those download codes to use quickly.

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