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Sony Readying New Hardware

New PSP colors and high capacity Classic White PS3 on the way.


Sony had its latest lineup of PlayStation 3 and PSP hardware on display at its Tokyo Game Show booth earlier today.

PlayStation 3 will be getting a new rev Classic White variation on October 21. The new rev checks in at 320 gigabytes and is priced at ¥34,980. Classic White was previously only available in 160G form.

PSP-3000 will be getting Black/Red and White/Blue limited edition colors. These are priced at ¥17,800 and will be released on November 18. A previous limited color, Blossom PInk, will get a general release, also on November 18, priced at ¥16,800.

Sony isn't quite ready for a pink PS3 unit, but the system will get a "Candy Pink" Dual Shock 3 controller on November 18. This carries the standard DS3 price of ¥5,500.

The final piece of hardware took up a good chunk of time at Sony's press briefing today. Sony and Capcom are teaming up for the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Hunters Model PSP system. This version of the PSP has been changed a bit to match Monster Hunter. Superficially, the system's speaker holes have been made to look like Felyne footprints, and there are illustrations all around the unit. More substantially, the analogue thumb pad has been given a bit of indentation, and the system includes an expanded battery pack as standard.

Pricing for the Hunters Model is ¥19,800. This does not include Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, but it does include a Monster Hunter Portable 3rd original custom theme. Look for the special hardware opposite 3rd on December 1.

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