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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Demo Hits Next Month

Exclusive access for Monster Hunter Club members.


Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is one of Capcom's big playable titles for the Tokyo Game Show, but if you can't make it out to Makuhari, you're not going to get a sampling of the game.

Unless you're a member of the mobile Monster Hunter Club fan club, that is. During a Monster Hunter stage event today, series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto shared details on a downloadable demo for the game. This will, officially at least, be made available exclusively to Monster Hunter Club members.

To get the demo, members will need to obtain a product code. This will be distributed from September 29 through November 30. Capcom is letting each member obtain two codes.

The demo itself can be downloaded from PSN starting October 13. It will be slightly different from the Tokyo Game Show demo. Players will have access to just two quests and a smaller selection of weapons.

Also during the Monster Hunter stage, Tsujimoto introduced the game's special Hunters PSP unit, which he had announced earlier in the day at a Sony press conference.

In addition to superficial changes, the system adds indentation to the analogue pad. This, Tsujimoto said, makes it a better fit for the type of gameplay found in the Monster Hunter series.

You can get the specifics on this hardware variation here.

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