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Hideo Kojima Celebrates Monster Hunter Tie-up With Giant Meat

Additional collaboration details revealed during Metal Gear stage event.


I know what Monster Hunter producer Ryozo Tsujimoto is going to be eating for dinner tonight:

That's Tsujimoto in the middle, standing next to Snake voice actor Akio Ootsuka and Hideo Kojima (wearing his Clockwork Orange t-shirt). Kojima and the Metal Gear voice staff delivered this well cooked meat to Tsujimoto to commemorate today's announcement of a collaboration between Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

It's no ordinary well cooked meat either. A closer look:

This meat has been branded with the Peace Walker logo!

In case you haven't read about the collaboration, here's a summary. Snake and The Boss costumes will appear in MHP3rd. Additionally, your Felyne companions will be able to dress up in Metal Gear attire and carry knives.

Following the collaboration's announcement at the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd special stage, Kojima and crew made a similar announcement during a Metal Gear Solid stage later in the day.

They also revealed that Monster Hunter Portable 3rd t-shirts are now available for Metal Gear solid Peace Walker.

Images from Hideo Kojima's Twitter

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