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PS3 Ico and Shadow Add Trophy Support

Fumito Ueda discusses additions for remakes and also touches upon 3D and Move support for Last Guardian.

Shadow of the Colossus and Ico will have Trophy support, according to director Fumito Ueda.

HD and 3D support aren't all that's coming to the PlayStation 3 versions of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. In a Tokyo Game Show interview with Dengeki Online, director Fumito Ueda said that the games will also get Trophy support.

The site asked Ueda what types of changes we can expect for the remakes. "They've become HD, the textures have been redone to go along with that, and also PS3 Trophy support."

Regarding the use of 3D, he said "Originally, we weren't planning on making them 3D compatible, but it was decided upon suddenly when we determined compatibility would be a possibility. Neither Ico nor Shadow were made with 3D in mind originally, but they do fit it well I believe."

He also reiterated a point from his Famitsu interview, that the level of adjustment afforded the developer in terms of depth, focus and other areas of the 3D effect are quite deep.

Ueda didn't rule out 3D for Team Ico's original PlayStation 3 game, The Last Guardian. When asked about possible 3D inclusion, he said "We're still looking into this. In its current state, we've pretty much used up the full system specs. However, we'd like people who don't normally play games to play, so if it can reach these people, we'll think about it. With this meaning, it's not the case that there is absolutely no plan for support."

He also didn't rule out Move support for The Last Guardian. "However, even if we did adopt Move, it would be Move compatible, and not exclusive."

Could The Last Guardian also end up supporting 3D as well?

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