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Capcom Finally Confirms Yun & Yang For Super SFIV Arcade

Producer says console costumes to be released some time this Fall.

Fighting fans gather at the special Tougeki tournament.

I'd normally throw out the old "worst kept secret" line here, but Capcom wasn't really keeping Yun and Yang's appearance in Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition a secret. They just refused to announce the two characters for some reason.

That announcement came today at the Tokyo Game Show's Tougeki fighting tournament. SFIV series producer Yoshinori Ono took the stage midway through the event and formally announced Yun and Yang's appearance in the game. He also showed actual direct feed shots of the SFIII duo on the big screen. Capcom will presumably distribute these to the press shortly.

Outside of Yun & Yang's appearance, Ono confirmed the final name for the arcade version to be "Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition." Again, this was no secret, as Ono has been referring to it as so on his Twitter.

The game is due for arcade release in December. Ono shared a few additional detail with Famitsu.com in an earlier interview. Click here for a summary.

Super SFIV on location test at Tougeki.

On the home console front, Ono showed in-game versions of the costumes he's been teasing via Twitter over the past few weeks. The costumes will be available for download some time this Fall.

For photo-snapped images of Yun & Yang and the in-game costumes, visit 4gamer.

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