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First Tengai Makyo Artwork

The latest teases about Red's new browser-based Tengai Makyo game.


Red's Takashi Fukui and GameComplex's Shion Sawa delivered their promised Tengai Makyo Jipang Seven update today in a 4gamer live stream. 4gamer followed up with a recap of everything that was revealed over the various live broadcasts, along with some first artwork.

Tengai Makyo Jipang Seven is the latest entry in one of Red's oldest series, Tengai Makyo. The series originated in 1989 on the PC Engine CD. Its last installment was Tengai Makyo III Namida, which first hit the PS2 in 2005.

Here's what Fukui and Sawa have thus far shared about the game, as summarized by 4gamer:

  • The title is Tengai Makyo Jipang Seven
  • It's a true entry in the Tengai Makyo series
  • The number "7" is important -- it's the seventh game, it has seven important characters, and it has seven countries
  • The game is being made by Red Entertainment and GameComplex
  • The setting is Jipang, the usual setting for the series.
  • The platform is "internet" (browser)
  • It's not an MMORPG or social game
  • "Cooperation" is a key word
  • They won't let down fans who've been with the series since the PC Engine days
  • It's not anything other than Tengai Makyo (errr... I'm not sure about this one!)
  • It's not a game where you become a hero and attempt to become number 1
  • The characters who are always in the series will be here
  • It will have the "transformations" of Tengai Makyo
  • It won't be a slow or leisurely game that one might expect from a browser game. However, the hurdles won't be high.
  • Game Complex's Shion Sawa said he wouldn't destroy the company

4gamer also scored some official artwork of the game from Tengai Makyo series character designer Yoshiteru Tsujino.

The site also got this piece of artwork, which it said is of great importance to the game:

This is the player's house. Unfortunately, the site did not say what exactly having a house will mean for the game.

Fukui and Sawa did say that the objects surrounding the house all have ties to the gameplay. They also said that they want to show the daily lives of people who reside in Jipang.

Aside from that, you're going to have to speculate until GameComplex makes a more formal announcement of Tengai Makyo Jipang Seven .

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