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First Look: Shining Legend

Get a peak at the new Shining game that's not a Shining game, from the makers of Kingdom Under Fire.


Kingdom Under Fire developer Blueside announced Shining Legend right around the time Sega announced Shining Hearts, leading to just a bit of confusion, especially since neither appeared to have anything to do with the Shining series.

Blueside was in attendance at the Tokyo Game Show, and CEO Sejung Kim delivered some details on Legend to 4gamer.

As previously revealed, Legend puts players in the role of Prince Luchs of Alterrain. Lunchs has returned from exile to find his nation in debt. Coincidentally enough, it seems that seven princesses from neighboring Junon have taken flight from the palace and the Junon royalty has set up a reward for the person who finds them. Hoping to collect the reward money and pull their kingdom out of debt, Luchs and his talking can Morgan head off in search of the princesses.

The hero and the princesses.
More princesses.

The game's basic progression has you travel across the world map, deepening your relationship with the princesses who are located in various areas of the world, and clearing quests by taking part in battle.

The combat system promises an action feel. You use A for weak attack, B for strong attack, X to evade and do a back step, and Y for a special skill. You'll find over 100 combos based off your button combinations.

Outside of combat, your relationship with the princesses is central to the game. As you work through the game, you'll encounter the seven princesses. You'll need to deepen your relation with the girls. At the end of an 800 day adventure, if you've made a girl yours, your country's debt will be cleared.

The princesses will actually fight alongside you in battle. Depending on your actions during combat, their love for you may rise or fall. They may even desert you in the middle of battle if they don't particularly care for you. You can restore your relationship by giving the girls presents. When in good relations, you can team up with the girls for group special attacks.

Kim told the site that the game will be half love game and have action RPG. Although development is taking place in Korea, a Japanese release is a first target for Blueside.

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