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Idolmaster SP's Hatsune Miku Collaboration Songs Announced

Virtual idols meet slightly less virtual idols in new collaboration.


Back in July, Sega announced that its upcoming Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2nd would be part of a collaboration with Idolmaster SP that would result in Idolmasters costumes and songs available to Project Diva 2nd players as download content. We at last got specifics during a Hatsune Miku stage event in Sega's booth on final day of the Tokyo Game Show earlier today.

The stage was headed up by Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2nd director Tetsuya Otsubo who was joined by Miku voice Saki Fujita and Kagamine Rin & Len voice Asami Shimoda. Kicking off the Idolmaster tie-up announcement, Idolmaster series producer Yozo Sakagami took the stage along side Haruka Amami voice actress Eriko Nakmura and Chiyaha Kisaragi voice actress Asami Imai.

The large group announced the Project Diva 2nd download songs as "Go My Way!! and "relations." Impress Watch reports that, while not finalized, the plan is for the songs to be released on October 28. Price is currently TBA.

In addition to the songs and their matching costumes, the collaboration data will also apparently make the Miku idols dance like their Idolmaster counterparts.

Sega also shared direct feed screens and artwork for the collaboration, showing the Hatsune Miku virtual idols dressed like their Idolmaster counterparts.




Prior to the Idolmaster outfits, Project Diva 2nd will get its first download songs through "StargazerR" and "Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu." StargazerR is from the Project Diva Arcade game. Shoushitsu was included in the first Project Diva. Their note patterns have been remade to match Diva 2nd's gameplay systems. The songs will have different notes for easy, normal, hard and extreme modes. Project 2nd owners can look forward to these tongs on September 30, priced ¥400 each.

The stage event ended with Imai and Nakmura performing Idolmaster's Go My Way!! with Shimoda (in addition to the voice of Rin & Len, Shimoda is the voice of Idolmaster's Ami & Mami Futami). For pictures of that and the rest of the stage event, visit Impress Watch.

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