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Team Disgaea Shares a Few Bits About Disgaea 4

Comments from the producer and composer.

A grab from the recently released trailer.

Disgaea 4 was formally announced at an off-site Tokyo Game Show press conference on Friday. Read this story for a summary of what was announced.

4gamer has since released a more complete report complete with a tiny group interview session with producer Souhei Niikawa and composer Tenpei Sato.

Niikawa was asked if we can expect additional jobs for Disgaea 4. He replied, "We're currently balancing the game, so I can't tell you if we'll use the conventional jobs or if there will be new ones. Please look forward to a followup report."

Sato was asked about his composition work for part 4. Niikawa apparently told him that with part 4 he wanted to make something new and previously unseen. This resulted in a request for a "noble sound," which means we can expect more orchestral instruments and additional arrangements. At the same time, he promised to retain the dynamic and anything-goes nature for which the series' is known.

Specifically regarding the ending theme, which wasn't shared with the press, Sato said that he wanted to make a beautiful, moving song. "It's a beautiful song, like the ending song in a Disney movie," said Sato. The title is being kept under wraps for now.

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