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Team Ninja Head Talks Up Dead or Alive Dimensions

Producer hopes to start DOA franchise once again with 3DS installment.

Kasumi in Dead or Alive Dimensions.

Inside Games managed to track down Team Ninja head Yousuke Hayashi at Tokyo Game Show for a brief interview. regarding Dead or Alive Dimensions. Here's what the producer had to say about the upcoming 3DS fighter.

Hayashi revealed something a bit surprising about his first exposure to the 3DS hardware. It seems that when Hayashi was first shown the 3DS, he wasn't initially told of its support for 3D. He only later heard about this major area of the system.

Prior to hearing about the 3D, Hayashi felt that the 3DS had the ability to handle a fighting game. "I've thought from before that there was great potential for fighting games played on a portable game machine," said Hayashi. "However, the reality was that there was no hardware that matched this. When I first saw the 3DS, I felt that with this performance, it could be done."

Once he heard about the system's 3D capabilities, Hayashi felt that adding the power of 3D to a fighting game would result in an even more amazing product. However, it's more fitting to say that Dimensions started with the desire to make DOA on a portable system rather than to make it on 3DS, he said.

3D development proved to be a learning experience for Hayashi. 3D may make people think of things coming out of the screen, but Hayashi feels that the ability to show depth into the screen will have greater meaning for games. "It's a method for showing things realistically."

We can expect the game's stages to have more dynamic elements, said Hayahsi. This is in reference to such areas as players being able to run into objects, and objects falling off cliffs. Such areas are being strengthened for Dimensions.

Team Ninja is hoping to start the Dead or Alive franchise once again, with Dmensions as one part of this. "We've released 1 through 4, so we want Dimensions to allow you to experience everything in those." This means that the characters everyone expects to be in the game will be there, he said.

Tecmo Koei shared some Dimensions screens just ahead of TGS.

Hayashi would not share a release time frame for Dimensions, although he did say that development is progressing smoothly.

Dimensions is one of the few 3DS games to receive post E3 coverage in the gaming press, so it's likely that it will have a place in the system's early life. Nintendo will be holding a press conference on the 29th to announce its 3DS plans. Don't be surprised if Dimensions gets some mention there.

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