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Your Dead Rising 2 Download Content Schedule

Paradise Pack downloads kick off the week after release.


Capcom has some download content on the way for Dead Rising 2 following its September 30 release. Today, the publisher shared a schedule and some screens.

The first set of DLC for the game will come in the form of "Paradise Pack" costumes for Chuck. These will be available according to this schedule:

  • 10/5: Paradise Pack Ninja
  • 10/12: Paradise Pack Sports
  • 10/19: Paradise Pack Soldier
  • 10/26: Paradise Pack Psycho

Each Paradise Pack will cost ¥200 or 160 Microsoft Points.

If you pre-ordered DR2, you won't need to by the Psycho pack, as it's included as one of the pre-order bonus goodies.

Having one of the Paradise Packs will let you show off your unique stylings during co-op play. To play co-op with those who have a Paradise Pack item, you'll need to have downloaded the game's free "Free Pack" DLC.

Capcom also shared some pics today from a mysterious video which it says is currently viewable at the game's official site.

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