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Dissidia 012 Trailer Kicks Off Release of All Square Enix TGS Videos

Tetsuya Nomura says all Closed Theater trailers will be released online.

Lightning makes an appearance in the short version of the Dissidia 012 trailer.

Tetsuya Nomura previously said that Square Enix would be releasing its Tokyo Game Show promotional videos online. But we all knew he meant the inferior "Open Theater" trailers.

Or maybe not. In a post at The 3rd Birthday Twitter today, Nomura wrote "This time, all the PVs from the Open and Closed theaters will be released."

The question is when, of course. Wrote Nomura, "We're having outside contractors make the sites for each game, so it seems that uploading the videos isn't a simple thing."

The trailer releases kicked off today with Dissidia 012 (actually, Square Enix has been releasing trailers for the past few days). Others will follow in succession. "Please wait a bit for the release of all."

You can see that Dissidia 012 trailer at the game's official site. It's the game's "short" trailer, which was aired in the show's Open Theater area, but it still gives a glimpse at Lightning and other new elements.

The "Closed Theater" trailer reel, shown exclusively to those waiting in line to play Dissidia, Kingdom Hearts or The 3rd Birthday, had a long version of the Dissidia trailer, along with trailers for such games as The 3rd Birthday, Final Fantasy Agito XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

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