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Which Version of Pokemon Black & White Sold Better?

Media Create provides additional sales details on what may be the fastest selling game ever.

Pokemon Black & White, promoted early at this year's Summer World Hobby Fair.

We know Pokemon Black & White sold a zillion copies in its first week. But which version contributed most to that zillion? Let's turn to Media Create's weekly sales report to find out!

The tracking firm lists total Black & White sales at 2,558,000 units. Black was the better selling of the two, at 1,323,000 units. White sold 1,234,000 units.

As you might have heard, Black & White has one of the highest first week sales record in history. It's the fastest start ever for a Pokemon game, besting Diamond & Pearl's 1,589,000 units from September 2006. It's also the fastest start ever for a DS game, besting Dragon Quest IX's 2,319,000 units from July 2009.

It might have managed to sell more if Pokemon Co. had been able to get more supplies out. Media Create reports a 90% sell-through rate for both versions. A figure this high usually means sellouts.

Media Create lists three possible reasons for the game's success:

1. Buying the game early gives you exclusive access to a legendary Pokemon. (See this story for details.)

2. HeartGold/SoulSilver, released in September of last year, helped bring in support from the 20-year-old crowd.

3. By changing the Pokemon designs and gameplay systems, it was easier to grab new players.

Black & White's sales brought about a huge boost to the overall software market. Total software units for the week reached 3,196,673 units, 371.30% up from the week prior. Total sales for the week jumped ¥100 million, making this the top sales week for the year so far.

Nintendo likes to bring up sales success stories at its periodic press conferences, so expect to get some additional sales stats on Black & White on the 29th when Nintendo gathers the press at the Makuhari Messe to detail its launch plans for the 3DS.

View all last week's software sales data at the andriasang.com rankings page.

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