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New Radiant Historia Promo Video

Plus, insight into what goes into making a PV, and details on the game's quest system.


Atlus made available today the second promotional video for Radiant Historia. This one kicks off with a description of the game's time travel component before showing some battle scenes.

View the promo video here:

At the end, you can hear the game's theme song, Historia. This was written and composed by Yoko Shimomura and sung by Haruka Shimotsuki (previous work on Ar Tonelico).

Regarding this PV, the game's official blog recently took up the topic of its creation.

The editing for the video took a full day and night, starting one morning and ending the next morning. But it looks like there's a lot more to making the PV than just opening up a video editing program. The blog shared these pics of a design document for the first PV.

The last shot is supposedly close to the final result, with just a few differences. Can you spot them by comparing the final PV below?

In addition to the promo video, Famitsu.com provided a general update on the game based off this week's coverage in the print Famitsu. The big areas of interest in the Famitsu.com story are the game's "quest" and "parallel scenario" systems.

Quests are, as you might expect, unrelated to the main story. Famitsu details a few:

Ultimate Food
A Gran org boy who aims to be the top chef in the world asks for wild boar meat. This meat can only be obtained in enemy Alicetal territory, meaning it might be difficult to obtain.
"Moving" Rainey
(I think the "Moving" part might be the name of a spell.) A soldier says that if you bring him his military arts books that have been scattered throughout the land, he'll teach your subordinates Rainey and Marco some new skills. Apparently, the soldier sold the books in order to pay back his debt.
People and Beasts
A Gran org soldier asks you to find Reeze for him. When you tell this to Reeze, you learn that she and the soldier were once lovers. Because she is a beast type and the soldier is a human, Reeze decided that there was too much trouble and they should no longer meet. However, it seem that the soldier has not yet given up.

Parallel Scenarios are are the result of the changes you make during your time travel episodes. As previously detailed, time splits into two main lines -- proper history and different history. In addition to these main branches, however, you'll find a number of little fragments of the future.

Famitsu details just one such parallel scenario: "Fall of the Capital." Enemy forces attacked Alma Mines. Stok and his crew decided to hold their ground, and came out victorious. However, they took too long in their fight, and a separate group of enemy troops was able to march on the Alicetal capital. Stok is forced into a desperate struggle to reclaim the city.

In the above quest descriptions, you might have noticed that Stok, a member of the Alicetal Intelligence Division, appears to be running errands for little boys and soldiers in enemy Gran org territory. Why is this?

We're going to probably have to find out by playing Radiant History for ourselves come November 3.

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